The training program is a staple of Cascade Stables. Whether your goal is to grow as an equestrian with your horse, or compete at the national and international level, Cascade Stables will work with you and your horse to help you achieve your individual goals.


Our philosophy is that first and foremost, our customers should find enjoyment in the equestrian sport. We strive to keep Cascade Stables a fun and family-centered atmosphere for everyone involved.


With our training program, clients receive two lessons per week on their show horse. On the days clients do not have a lesson, they have use of the lesson horses (upon availability) to "ring ride," where they can use their riding time to practice skills they have been working on for their show horse. Here at Cascade Stables we believe the more a rider can get in the saddle and practice, the quicker skills will be acquired.


Our goal at Cascade Stables is to prepare both rider and horse to work together as a team. Whether competing locally, or at the World's Championships in August, Cascade Stables prepares riders and their horses to compete at the best of their abilities.


To put your horse in training with the Cascade Stables professional staff, call (504) 891-2246 or e-mail us.


Cascade Stables

700 East Drive • New Orleans, LA 70118

Barbe Smith, Owner/Trainer


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Cascade Stables

at Audubon Park • New Orleans, LA • (504) 891-2246

Barbe Smith, owner/trainer • Email us

at Audubon Park • New Orleans, LA

Barbe Smith, owner/trainer