These are Cascade Stables' beloved best friends; our lesson horses. These horses each bring their own personality to our lesson program, and help our riders learn all skills of riding. From helping riders learn to steer and post at the trot, to making their first pass in the show ring, the lesson horses of Cascade are the heart of our program.


Come meet our lesson horses in person and let them take you for the ride of your life! Call (504) 891-2246 or e-mail us to arrange your visit and take your first lesson!




Click on the name of each of our awesome lesson horses to learn more about them!


     My name is Clipper and I am the king thoroughbred. I enjoy lunge lessons and teaching people how to canter. I like my personal space and I like to teach people not to pull on my mouth.

  • NEMO

    I am Nemo and used to live on the race track and pony those fast horses. I prefer a slower speed and like to teach people how to post.

  • "W"

    I am W and I used to show in western pleasure. I love to travel to horse shows, especially to Kansas City where I compete in the UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup. Everyone compliments me on how pretty my spots are.


    My name is Gatsby and I am pretty perfect in every way. I love giving people confidence when they are riding off of the lunge line for the first time. I am big but I am a gentle giant.


    I am Daisy and I am a quarter horse that loves to teach beginners. I was quite the barrel racer back in the day but tiny children are a better speed now.

  • BLACK JACK, aka "B.J."

    I am Black Jack and I like to keep the riders on their toes. I do not like too many people in my stall as it gets a little crowded. I am really good at circles.


    I am the beautiful Wizard. I love to do pattern work, it keeps things interesting. I also like to do a little bow when the lesson is over.


    I am Cheyenne, I am a quarter horse that loves to canter. All of the kids love to ride me, especially when we play horse soccer.


    My name is Grey Goose and I used to do dressage but am liking this new saddle seat thing. I am really good at teaching people how to rate their speeds.


    My name is Blanton and I am a brown and white pinto pony. I am learning how to be a beginner horse as that is a good job for my size.


    My name is Snowflake and I used to be a jumper show pony. I am great at patterns and especially love performing lead changes. The advanced riders are my favorite.

  • TITO

    My name is Tito and I am very sporty. I have a very smooth gait and will put my head up in a very cute spot.


    My name is Champagne and I am the only yellow horse at Cascade. I am very happy going around the arena.


    My name is Schnapps and I love my job. I especially like riders with really light hands. I will do whatever you like as long as I am given a clear signal.

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